The Rihanyo Initiative (RI) was started in 2017 by Kjaere Shalati Baloyi. Rihanyo is the Tsonga word meaning both health and life.

Kjaere (pronounced: Key-are-rah) is originally from San Francisco, California. She moved to South Africa in 2014 to work at a preschool in Midrand. In June of 2016 she married South African native Melusi Baloyi, and he encouraged her to pursue other dreams she had to make an impact in the township of Olievenhoutbosch. She has a huge heart for social justice and saw a need for transformation in children’s health care.

Rihanyo Initiative would like to build a network of doctors and specialists who would offer free and/or discounted health services on a regular basis for children in the township.

One of the goals of RI is to educate parents in the community about how to navigate healthcare, the referral system, and recognizing symptoms of things like learning disabilities, vision problems, and other health issues for their children.

RI aims to be an advocate for children whose parents: cannot find a specialist, cannot afford medical care, are not receiving the proper help at clinics, and who need transport to appointments.